ART in BETWEEN offers not only a platform for artists coming from International Ethnic groups but will give every artist (women and men) the opportunity to rent their unique and well-equipped gallery for having a great exhibition and experience in the very active art city of Stolberg which has the cultural environment as well as the historical background; here you can visit the old castle and the cupper courts of Stolberg. In the surrounding area there is the town of Aachen, where you can visit the Cathedral that Charlemagne has built.
If you are interested in renting the gallery of ART in BETWEEN please send an email to this account [email protected].

We want to help and to find new ways for living together


Behind ART in BETWEEN is a group of women artists who have met each other in Shanghai in China, where they had participated in many different international art exhibitions. During that time we got the idea to support women artists, especially those who are coming from ethinic groups like Sichuan, Tibet, Maoris, Red Indians, Aboriginies,  and more…

Back in Europe I found in my home city Stolberg the possibility to open a gallery where I can start to exhibit all these women artists, I have met during my travels through China and New Zealand, in combination with European artists.

During the last year in Germany I have met many interested artists, men and women who want to support the idea of an International Art Agency.

The gallery will exhibit different Modern and Contemporary Artworks from 5 countries in Stolberg  in the building of  ‘der Kupferhof Rose’ (arts and crafts courtyard of a castle built on the 18th century)

We will start end of January  2015 with solo exhibitions of different international and national artists.

We would like to exhibit more women artists but we will support also men artists from the Ethnic groups of China, NZ and Tibet.

In our  sales catalog we will add also artists who are not being interested in having exhibitions in Germany.

Who is interesetd in working with us, please look under contacts.

International Art Event Gallery

Support of Ethnic minorities groups
Support of women artists
Support of art works of up coming artists worldwide
Support of the international artists’ networking