Morning Tears


During my time in China I came across the NGO Morning Tears and learned about the plight of children with incarcerated parents. Children are innocent to the crimes of their parents but often lose everything when a parent goes to prison. Morning Tears works to ensure that these children can grow up in dignity and develop their full potential in life.

Since 2012 Morning Tears also has an office in Germany and with my art gallery and exhibitions in Germany I am supporting their work for children here.

When a parent is incarcerated, it is very important for the children to visit their parent in prison to keep a close contact with the parent and not to lose the connection. Of course visits are only encouraged when they are in the best interest of the child.

Morning Tears is currently improving the visitor rooms in the old Cologne prison in a joint project with BAG-S Bonn and students from Alanus Hochschule in Alfter.

With the project “Room to Bond” these visitor rooms become more child-friendly. Especially for small children visiting, a book with a cuddly teddybear is being produced, so that they learn to understand the routines in a prison visit.

Several visitor rooms will be refurbished to create an athmosphere where the family members can meet in a friendly setting where peaceful talk is enhanced.

It really moves me to see how people are working together as a team with much creativity for these children, who’s problems to cope are often not noticed, even here in Germany. With my support I hope to ensure that these children get more awareness in our society and I would be gracious for your help and understanding. More information on the project you can find in this link