Shanghai discovers Stolberg part I

coverChinese artist Jenny Gu, Chinese-Traditional and Avant-garde Art, and the German artist Conny Linnhöfer, Abstract Modern Art, are aiming to bring young and yet unknown artists from Ethnic Minorities in harmony with German culture. To realize their vision they have founded ART in BETWEEN, an international agency for Arts and Events.

Conny Linnhöfer repatriated to Germany after living in Shanghai, China, for 6 years, hoping to realize her ideas and mission in Stolberg, her hometown by choice.

ART in BETWEEN now opens it’s doors in Stolberg. The small exquisite art gallery will open in March 2015. ART in BETWEEN strives to be the intermediary between multiple cultures and art forms and aims to become a platform for yet-unknown artists, to provide them with an opportunity for first-hand experience abroad and for exhibiting their art in an international forum.

ART in BETWEEN is the ‘slightly different art agency” – we hope to surprise you pleasurably with our new concept. On a monthly basis new exhibitions of international artist will be presented; from well-established to unknown artist – artists from China, New Zealand, Indonesia or Australia, to name a few.

To enhance active communication with the art scene of the Euregio, events will combine Chinese, New Zealand and German artists with thematic approaches, fitting with the Euregio region and the city of Stolberg.

In Shanghai, I started to support the international charity “Morning Tears”, an NGO working for children of incarcerated children in China and Cambodia, and I would like to support their work further with my gallery in Germany. For more information please feel free to ask.

Starting from End of March 2015, ART in BETWEEN invites the public to visit our gallery, introducing new Chinese art to a German/Chinese audience in Stolberg and the history of it’s ‘Kunsthandwerkerhof’:

Shanghai discovers Stolberg part I



Jenny Gu

Chenyi Xu

Jiajia Liu